Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Why me?

So there I was minding my own business, getting some downtime and preserving my calories when, of course, cat of little brain had to but in. Is it so much to ask for just a little peace and quiet. I mean, I had even managed to find a nicely fragrant chair to spread my glorious fur upon and whammo up comes Ash. He may look little but he's "solid" in a Ray Winstone way. Goodness only knows how he managed to perch on the edge. Then, to make the morning complete, here comes "Mr. Man" to flash bright lights in my eyes.

Sheesh. If I weren't an atheist I would think that god hates me.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Finger likken good!

Gotta have CHIKKEN!!1!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Uh oh!

Mega Ash

Mr Woman bought Mr Man a new click and flash thing for his "birthday." I was trying to sleep so that I could ignore the hunger pangs oh I am so hungry and I can smell CHIKKUN!!1!. It's in the hot place, sitting there, smelling so good. I went to guard the hot place so that no one could steal the CHIKKUN!!1! but Mr Woman and Mr Man kept flashing the thing at me. Made my eyes sore. Everywhere I go now, they follow me and flash. Even Mr Desh got flashed a few times. He doesn't mind though, he just kept on sleeping. How can he sleep when there's CHIKKUN!!1! in the hot place?

I did ask him what a "birthday" is? It seemed to require the humans to drink some of that awful red stuff they call whyne and sometimes it makes Mr. Woman do something they call "Interpretative Dance" to the loud noise. Deshar likes the loud noise because it reminds him of pea soup. Anyway, I asked Mr Desh about "birthdays" and he said that they are special days when cats have to be silent for 24 hours and that mine was coming up soon! In fact, Mr Desh said I was special because every day of my life is a birthday. I don't like birthdays. If it was up to me, birthdays would be cancelled and we would have CHIKKUN!!1! days instead. Then I could eat CHIKKUN!!1! every day. I would like that. Maybe if I look at Mr Woman hopefully and purr a lot and point my tail at the CHIKKUN!!1! she'll give me some. Mr Woman loves me. Mr Man always eats all of his CHIKKUN!!1! but Mr Woman always saves some for me because I love her so much and she feeds it to me when Mr Man isn't looking.

I wonder why humans don't have to be quiet during their birthdays and why Mr Woman always points at the ceiling and whirls around when she's doing the "interpretative dancing?" Humans are strange.
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Friday, 26 October 2007

I wasn't always called Ash

Back when I was only small my mum used to call me "Gnotnow." She would lie on her back and when I poked her she would just say my name. That always made me feel special because no matter how tired she was she would always say my name. Mr. Desh sometimes says she called me "Pest" but that's cause my mum always got her p's and b's mixed up. This video is just like her. Mr. Desh thinks she must have run off to You Tube to do kittypron just like they said on the Jeremy Kyle show at the holiday home. I didn't like the holiday home but at least they let me watch television all day there.

Before anyone says anything

BBC ginger Neanderthal

No, Ash, I am not a "neandercat". I am not "flame-haired", "ginger" or "orange." I am, technically, a very rare mix of honey and cinnamon. And no, you're not an neandercat either. They were quite highly evolved.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The misery of it all

There is someone out there more miserable than me! Mr Desh said there had to be, and there is! Am I happy about that? Am I? I don't know. I think I want to cry now.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Strange angles

See I can do fancy pointing too.

As things ought to be

For once the humans are treating me properly. Shoulder position allows me to move from A to B with minimal calorie expenditure.

This is a good thing.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I'm down here!

Feed me!
Hungry here!

There is hope!

I had begun to think that there were no other intelligent cats in the world, that perhaps they were all like Ash, that everywhere one turned there would be ktpsk and cutesy stuff and the rainbow bridge. All I wanted was the occasional incisive comment and a healthy dose of sarcasm. I tried explaining sarcasm to Ash once but there wasn't enough glitter involved and he wandered off half-way through the fourth word. sigh.

Then, today, I discovered Psycho Kitty. OK, it's not a promising name but I think I've finally found someone who tells it like it is. Someone who also has endure what I have to endure. He has humans who feed him erratically and an annoying cat that the female coos over day and night.

The squirrels look crunchy too.

The only thing that confuses me is his reference to a "massive manhood." Tiddles always used to go on about his massive manhood until after his trip to the "vet". Then he started to collect pink ribbons instead. All very strange.