Friday, 25 July 2008

Saving Mister Indy!

This is me hard at work providing intel for Mister Indy. As you can see, Evil Bob is invading. Mister Indy has his stealth suit on which is why he's invisible and he's depending on me to provide tactical support from back here.

In this next photo, I've moved to a better position to provide Mr Indy with the latest intelligence briefing.

Luckily my vigilance meant that Evil Bob's plans were thwarted. More next time.
Sorry about the delay but Mr Woman needed my attention. Anyway, after my hard work I retired to base camp to get some well-deserved R&R. Rather annoyingly, Mr Man insisted on taking photos.

Of course it was this point that I detected Evil Bob trying a flanking manoeuvre. Luckily for Mister Indy I had my catdar on full alert as you can see from this photo.

Thanks to my hard work, Evil Bob realised the game was up.

However, I was not going to rest on my laurels, no sireee, not me. When Ash is on the case, you can all sleep safe at night. No cat is going to evade my sensors.

Private Ash, signing off! Remember folks, be careful out there.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I'm gonna call him Mister Indy!!

This is Indy, he must be very, very tired because he was out for two whole nights! I was quite worried at first because I thought maybe he had gone to see Mr Desh or something but when he came back I realised the truth. You see Hitler cat hasn't been around for two days either so Mister Indy must have been away fighting him in big adventures.
Of course, Mister Indy has taken a vow of silence so I can only go by clues but there was this big ark thing in the back yard in the morning and even Evil Bob (who tried to get in through the bedroom window last night) looked a bit shaken. So I reckon I know what he's been doing and I'm going to laugh at Hitler cat next time I see him. (From a safe distance, especially if the window's closed. Really tight.)
First though some extra sleeping because I had two bonus breakfasts when Mister Indy came back this morning and I'm feeling a bit full.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

My hero!

This is Indy. He's showing the evil, Hitler cat who is the boss even though the evil Hitler cat has two different lasers on! I'm standing on the window ledge cheering Indy on! He's my hero!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I is confused, but grateful

My humans. I wish they'd make up their minds where they want to be. First, I was 'down South', living with Mr Desh. Then Mr Desh disappeared one night and I was an only cat. I didn't like that much, but I did get a lot more treats.

Then, they put me in a car and I have a scary ride to somewhere colder and wetter, with Unkle Sydney. I like Unkle Syd. He liked me pouncing on him and helping him to eat his tuna. I liked his tuna so much I got bigger. Then, just when I got brave enough to thump Unkle Sydney properly, they moved me again. Now I live in a flat. A flat what? I don't really understand. But there's lots of new cats around here. They're all bigger than me. There's Hitler Cat, but if I talk about him he might invade, so I won't say his name. Then there's Bob. Mr Woman thinks Bob might be the Evil Bob from Twin Peaks. Don't know what she's talking about though. This is Bob.

But yesterday they moved another cat in with me!!!1! Another cat!!!1! I'm not an only cat anymore. Do I like this? I don't know really. New Cat - sometimes he's called Basil, sometimes Baz and sometimes Indy. Wish my humans would make up their minds! But New Cat squared up to Bob. I did too. Mr Woman said I was like Brave Sir Robin. She said there was a song about Brave Sir Robin. Apparently he knows someone called Sir Kasm.

This is New Cat. I think I might like him. But he is a bit pretty and fluffy. Is he prettier and fluffier than me?

Hang on a minute!

What's going on here then? I'm so discombulated by this that I don't have time for a photo.





Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My pronouncements

Well Mr Man says that we have sacrificed a Virgin in order to get teh internetz back. Don't know exactly what that means but Mr Desh once said that I was a virgin and always would be. I don't want to be sacrificed though. I'm too young and pretty for that.

I've also decided that I need to change the blog name. I was going to call it "Ash's sparkly blog of fluffy prettiness" but Mr Desh cuffed me from beyond the bridge so I've decided to call it "Not Just Ash & Deshar" instead. It's a bit boring I know. Thing is, Mr Woman keeps going on about some one called Basil who's apparently very fluffy. I've never seen a fluffy human before. Except when Mr Man doesn't get clipped for more than two weeks because then he looks like something Mr Woman calls a "bo-ho."

Those are my thoughts for the day. Now I need to look for tuna. Ever since I left Uncle Sydney behind I haven't been able to share his tuna. It's not right when a cat as pretty as me doesn't get 2nd breakfast.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

I wonder if he misses me?

This is my last photo of Uncle Sydney. We had 10 weeks of all sorts of fun together. We shared his food and played lots and lots of kill uncle Sydney - his favourite game! But a few days ago Mr Man and Mr Woman went away in the morning and these STRANGE humans came in the door and said hello to "Sidders." I thought it was only me who could call him that. It was very worrying because I thought that maybe my humans had run off and abandoned me!!! I kept wishing Mr Desh was there to tell me what to do. Luckily they came back and put me in the scary pink cage.

Now I'm a morningside cat. Don't really know what that means but apparently only very, very posh cats live here. Except for Hitler cat. I thought he was going to be my friend because he looked just like Uncle Sydney. Hitler cat is evil though. He invaded my bedroom yesterday and made me hide beneath the bed. Even big, furry Bob who comes and sniffs at my front door sometimes doesn't like Hitler cat.

Oh, Mr Man says I have to finish this quickly before the Why-fy police lock him up. But Mr Woman's been talking about someone called Basil who is going to be my friend. I've never had a friend called Basil before. I'll have to tell you more when I find out.

Friday, 11 July 2008

In trouble now


Uh oh Brown Bear has told me off for not blogging enough which isn't fair because it's all Mr Man's fault. Mr Man broke teh internets and made me move to Morningside where there's no Uncle Sidney for me to play with then kept me prisoner inside for hours and hours and hours. Mr Woman was nice though and let me go out.

I like out. Except.

Hitler cat.

Hitler cat is mean and keeps calling me Poland even though my name is Ash.

Anyway, I have to type in small letters because apparently Mr Man's borrowing someone's why-fy, whatever that is and it could go down any moment. So I'm squeaking at him (Mr Man takes dictation) really quickly in case Brown bear tells me off again.
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